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Announcement: Organizational change at PNO

Thomas Rimington

It is with great excitement we announce our new Chief Operating Officer (COO), Thomas Rimington. For many, Thomas is already acting as COO while being CFO. Thomas has worked with PNO for more than five years as our CFO, and he has moved his area of responsibility into a new era through his dynamic leadership and professional approach.

There are great opportunities and challenges within the field we are operating, and we wanted a strong and qualified candidate who can transform the operational area of our business. We see this as a next step in the PNO growth journey, and it is a huge privilege that Thomas will step into the role as our COO.


“We carefully listen and learn from internal and external stakeholders’ feedback to ensure that we are ready for the future. We are always challenging ourselves to make sure that we are on the right track and stand strong as an organization. Our new organizational set-up with the appointment of Thomas as COO will enable us to move forward with the right speed and strengthen our operational focus”

– Jacob Lee Ørnstrand, CEO.


Our finance team has been through an incredible journey under the leadership of Thomas, and at the end of 2021, our finance team reached best in class! Finance is healthy and strong, which has made it easier to make these changes. Thomas will continue as CFO until the new CFO is in place. Thomas will step into the COO role once the new CFO is in place.

We are excited about the future and look forward to building our long-term growth journey with our strong team.


PNO Management Team:
Owner and CEO, Jacob Lee Ørnstrand
COO, Thomas Rimington
CCO, Pauli Johannesen
COS, Ask Holme
CFO – hiring


For more information, please contact:
Head of People, Communication & Sustainability
Solvej Lee Ørnstrand

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