Community Day in Germany: Handing Out Food

All PNO teams spend two full working days supporting the local community, and last week, it was time for the German Team to have a day out of the office to volunteer. The team spend the day with Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB). ASB is a voluntary aid organisation with different responsibility areas.

For this Community Day, the Team helped distribute food to people needing extra support. ASB collects unsold food from supermarkets in the morning and hands out suitable amounts to around 50-100 people every Thursday.

“I especially liked the exchange with the people getting the food. That was very giving and valuable,” Axel Auffarth, Fleet & Rental Coordinator, PNO Germany.

A little bit more about ASB

ASB was founded in 1888 as a voluntary aid organisation, and back then, it all started with an aid course on first aid. Over time, ASB has grown and serves two major core areas.

As a relief organisation, ASB is active in the following areas:

First Aid Training, Rescue Service and Emergency Preparedness, Civil and Catastrophe Protection, Ambulance Service, School Ambulance Service and Foreign Aid.

As a charitable organisation, the ASB is active in the following areas:

Assistance and care for the elderly, hospice services, assistance for children, young people and families, and services for people with disabilities.

Interested in learning more about the ASB organisation? Head to their page here.

Curious to know more about our Local Community Days? Then have a look at this page.


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