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PNO Ventures is our innovation hub

We address industry challenges with a new perspective.

PNO Ventures contributes to our growth vision, whilst driving the necessary transformation for sustainable freight of tomorrow.


We have years of experience and insights into our industry with a strong focus on new ideas. This gives us the right framework to build solutions at the forefront of service orientation and product differentiation.


There are a number of initiatives we could throw ourselves at, but we focus on prioritizing the ones that hit the sweet spot between maximum value and quick to market.

Our customers struggle with downtime on their assets. Downtime primarily caused by damages, which results in empty transport to workshops and unnecessary repair time. Via our first venture, we want to increase the uptime and usage of road freight assets via a fleet management platform. 

The platform creates transparency in fleet operations, simplifies all related processes and secures access to asset optimization through sharing.

A key functionality in our platform is the PNO driver app handling trailer checks and damages. The data is pushed to customers on the fleet management platform where they can manage repair workflows.


It all comes down to the mindset and attitude of our team, who constantly look for ways to be ahead of events. Our team bridges operational expertise and the agility from the world of startups.

The team leading the PNO Ventures journey;

Jacob Lee Ørnstrand
Group CEO

Lasse Gejl
Head of Product

Klaus Jørgensen
Head of Technology


Lasse, lg@pnorental.com
Jacob, jacob@pnorental.com


Read Q&A with PNO Ventures’ Lasse Gejl here


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