IWD: “Women in Leadership

Let’s face the elephant in the room, shall we? Our industry is pretty male-dominated. The biz world is full of glass ceilings, inequality and invisible barriers for women. Despite the fact that women are natural leaders and often develop the most innovative strategies for building strong and productive business cultures. So women are told it’s all about getting a seat at the table. And if there isn’t a seat at the table, women should drag their seat there. That doesn’t work for us. Forget a seat at the table. We need to build a whole new table. So that’s what we did. We introduced our Women in Leadership Coaching program.

With this program, we want to uplift women’s voices and support them in discovering their authentic leadership style. Here’s what it looks like:

  • We selected 6 women from across our country offices to join this program.
  • They will attend 6 group sessions facilitated by our coach to share experiences and connect with other women. We deep-dive into goals, beliefs, self-image & confidence, actions, wall of fear & the knowing-doing gap.
  • They also have 4 one-on-one sessions with our coach for personalised development. During these sessions, they explore in-depth individual needs and desires, limiting blocks, and focus on creating productive and positive habits.
  • There will be a follow-up call after 3 months for continued support and keeping up the momentum.

Hear more about this program from our Chief Impact Officer Solvej:

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