Let’s go beyond together

We work very closely together with our customers to find opportunities for a lower environmental impact. Our Swedish team sensed an opportunity for a win-win situation for our customer and the planet. Due to our close relationships with our suppliers, we became aware of Continental’s about their new tire ECO+ tires. These ECO+ tires come with multiple benefits including fuel savings, lower rolling resistance and a lower environmental impact. At the same time, we’re working closely together with ZF, and more specifically with the ZF Transics telematic solutions who provided TX-TRAILERPULSE, a trailer telematic solution and OptiTire, a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). OptiTire has many benefits, including less fuel consumption and therefore less CO2 emissions, less tire wear and the driver is able to see tire pressure inside the cab while driving.

With this customer-centric approach, our Swedish team approached our customer Eurolink. We consulted them on using Continental’s new ECO+ tires and installing ZF’s OptiTire system. The goal was to significantly reduce fuel consumption. We agreed to a pilot project. That’s 6 months ago. Today, we’re excited to announce our preliminary findings. There is complete transparency on the tire pressure. The driver can see this in the dashboard. Drivers can get the tires repaired and maintained before they get worn out due to wrong tire pressure. This reduces the need for new tires. At the same time, our customer experienced fuel savings of 0.2l per 10km.

It’s about going beyond owning trailers. It’s about finding solutions for our customers that benefit people and the planet.

👋 Ok, that’s it for now from us. Cheers to all the amazing B Corps out there. Together, we #WeGoBeyond business as usual – for good.

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