Announcement: Partnership with Den Danske Naturfond

Biodiversity is in rapid decline. The primary cause of this decline is human activity such as through habitat destruction, pollution, and climate change. So we’re partnering with Den Danske Naturfond – an environmental organisation that protects and restores wild nature in Denmark. How do they do this? They buy land through voluntary agreements with private landowners and preserve nature, so that nature can do what it does best – thrive. The best thing is that this land can never be sold.

Protecting and restoring wild nature doesn’t only preserve the beauty of our planet. Healthy ecosystems are also fundamental to our health. To bring more awareness to this connection, we combine our contribution to protect nature with our internal health initiatives. For every 6km run, we protect 1m2 of land. For every 8km biked, we protect 1m2 of land. For every 10km walked, we protect 1m2. For every 15min meditated, we protect 1m2 of land. In 2023, our health initiatives from all country offices will count towards our contribution to buy and protect wild nature in Denmark with Den Danske Naturfond.

Picture credit: Jesper-Edvardsen

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