PNO Germany: New Sales Director

We started 2021 by launching our offerings to the German market. 1st April we are joined by Wemal Kumar as Sales Director for PNO Germany. 


Wemal Kumar will join Team PNO 1st April and lead our expansion into the German market. Wemal brings 13 years of sales experience from commercial roles in Maersk, TIP Trailer Service, Seago Line and lately ZIM Integrated Shipping Services (view Linkedin profile).

I feel privileged for this role and am looking forward to establishing PNO in Germany. PNO comes with a strong purpose and set of values that I am a strong believer in. I look forward to connecting this to the market and getting PNO well established in Germany.

“Entering PNO Germany has been in the making for some time now, and we look forward to this chapter. Germany is a big and complex market where we see much potential for our business. With Wemal on board, I believe we are able to convert the potential into growth.” Jacob Lee Ørnstrand, Group CEO. 



Wemal Kumar
Sales Director



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