PNO Health

There is nothing more important than our health. We all have good days, bad days, weird days and in-between days. It’s important for us that everyone at PNO has the time and space to take care of themselves. Every quarter, we introduce a new health initiative to support this.


Spring is here!

As we enter the new season, we put together a guide to remind us all to be more mindful of body & mind and to enjoy the beauty in the simple things of our everyday lives. This guide includes some good tips on how to stay mindful this spring.

Find out more in the Guide ➡️ Spring 2024 Health Care Guide

Happy Spring, everyone 🌻

Navigating a healthier you

This is an online session on food and healthy living with nutritionist Gemma Bes. Gemma is a nutrionist at the Rafal Nada Academy in Spain. With 20+ years experience on nutriotional matters, Gemma will share concrete tips to help us stay healthy, positive and have good energy during our everyday.

Friendly Health Challenge

We’re inviting you to a friendly health challenge. During the months of October, November and December – record how many minutes you meditated, attend our Stretch & Meditate and weekly Yoga Sessions. Starting 01.10.23 & ending 31.12.23. The winners will get a little surprise!

Making an impact with our food choices

What we eat doesn’t only affect our health – it also has a direct impact on our planet’s health. Because it’s all connected. That’s why we encourage everyone to learn more about eating plant-based.

Headspace App

We encourage everyone to download the Headspace paid for by PNO.

You will find hundreds of meditations on this app, accessible anywhere and anytime –

Take a Walk

It’s important to move during the day. We all sit too much. Why not make your next meeting a walking one?

You know the best part? Our brain works better with fresh air, we experience fewer interruptions and new inspiration is easier obtained outside.

Don’t sit – stand

We’re all aware by now that the amount of sitting we do all day isn’t great for us. Why not make your next meeting a standing one?

It’s quite easy to do that. When booking a meeting make sure to state that it is a stand-up meeting. You can make all your morning meetings or team update meetings standing.

Health 5 a day

5 A Day. Say what?

Ever heard the German phrase “You are what you eat” (Du bist was du isst)? That’s right – what we eat has a huge impact on our health.

The experts at the WHO recommend eating 5 portions* of different fruits & vegetables a day. So we thought it’s a great idea to recommend the same.

Why? Research shows this is the healthy thing to do & it decreases the risk of certain diseases. So eat your 5 A Day. There’ll be a constant supply of fruits & veggies at the office.

*1 portion = 80grams

Presentation with Susanne Vind

View or revisit the talk with clinical psychiatrist Susanne Vind.

Susanne has worked with psychotherapy for more than 25 years – over the past 15 years mainly with schema therapy, which is a special form of cognitive therapy.

The session covers the topics of mental health, resilience, work-life balance.

The presentation walks you through discussions on highs and lows in life and how proven methods can manage ourselves during different phases of life.