PNO Poland: New Sales Director

We are excited to announce that Tomasz Milecki has joined us on February 1st as our Sales Director for Poland.

Our Polish adventure started in 2022, and together with Tomasz, we’re now ready to take it to the next level. Tomasz will grow our market presence through our purpose of leading the transition to sustainable freight. PNO is a fresh addition to the Polish market, and we’re entering with innovative and unique solutions that differentiate us from other players in the market.

Poland is a new market, and we have great confidence in growth and new opportunities. Tomasz brings many years of experience and know-how from the industry, and we’re confident that Tomasz will take PNO Poland to the next level.


“I’m grateful for the opportunity given by PNO to lead the expansion in Poland. Through the unique proposition of sustainable business, we will enter the market with a fresh offer. Tailor-made solutions and standardised rental of assets in the logistics sector done with customers appreciating our purpose is my main focus for the upcoming years of development.
I’m looking forward to meeting those clients I worked with for the last eight years in the business and bringing PNO values to their attention.” Tomasz Milecki, Sales Director, PNO Poland




“We’re incredibly excited about this new chapter in Poland. It’s the right step for our business, and we see many great opportunities and growth in the Polish market. Tomasz brings tremendous experience from the industry to PNO, and I’m certain we’ll achieve great things in Poland with Tomasz onboard.” Jacob Lee Ørnstrand, Group CEO.


Tomasz Milecki
Sales Director
 +48 604 808 225

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