PNO’s Fleet Management Ensure Effective Administration for Customers

Fleet Management


Stina Svensson Fleet Coordinator Sweden


Stina Svensson, Fleet Coordinator in Sweden, shares her knowledge with fleet management and explains how it improves the rental experience for PNO’s customers.

What’s your day to day role and responsibility working in Fleet for PNO?

My daily role as a Fleet Coordinator involves controlling the cost of damages and maintenance on our trailers in the Swedish fleet. I’m in contact with the customer when they need to visit a workshop, and it’s my responsibility that the processes run as smoothly as possible. My role also involves conducting insurance cases for major claims. 

What difference does it make for our customers that we have fleet departments? 

We’re making a difference for the customer by contributing to a high level of service and flexible handling of damages. We want our customers to be as satisfied as possible and meet their needs.

Do you have a good customer story to share with us?

A customer rented a unit that suffered major damage in France, and the unit had to be transported to Berger’s factory in Austria. In this case, I made it easier for the customer by coordinating the various parties and pushing the case. The truck caused the damage, not our trailer, and the easiest thing for me would have been to hand the case to those responsible for the truck, but we want to go the extra mile for our customers, so I helped them through the process. 


“The most important part of my job is contributing to satisfied customers and ensuring we have effective administration.” 


Your role involves a lot of coordination – how do you manage to keep track and always provide a good service? 

I always document to make sure I don’t miss any mentioned details. My calendar is also a big help to keep track of everything. 


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