At PNO we are committed to delivering excellence in all our interactions towards our team, customers, stakeholders and society at large. We accomplish this by always having our purpose in mind ensuring that we deliver excellence that is sustainable long-term. Sustainability is an important part of our business model and is one of the key drivers creating growth for PNO.

In order for us to continue our growth it is natural for us to address sustainability proactively. We can only reach our ambitious goals by advancing our performance with purpose.

Some actions towards a sustainable business does not come easy, but we are committed to influencing our industry and creating new solutions, which drive growth and a more sustainable future. We acknowledge that it is a task that we cannot manage on our own. We must collaborate with well established and new players to find ways of working that set new sustainable solutions for our industry. Positive changes come via shared responsibility.

We strongly believe that PNO can be a change driver within logistics. To that end, we have set concrete goals and projects within the B Corp framework focusing our efforts on 4 pillars:

1. Good governance

2. Good for employees

3. Good for local community

4. Good for the environment

This framework is embedded in our daily work. It also helps us to constantly move forward on our sustainable journey, whilst we improve on our sustainable impact.

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At PNO we invest in our local communities. PNO has dedicated two work days annually to projects that can drive social and environmental improvements in the surrounding society. By taking action on local issues we wish to make positive impact on the long term.
You can read more about the local projects here.


We have created a tracking tool that enables us to measure our environmental footprint. Each local office reports their monthly energy consumption and print amounts. Furthermore, all transport activities are gathered to calculate CO2 emission. You can see the collected data here.

Our sustainability work is something we feel strongly about. It is the right thing to do and an important part of our business model. During the year, we quantified our sustainability goals, both in terms of social and environmental aspects. Sustainability is at the core of PNO and very importantly it fosters increased motivation and pride among our team members at PNO

Solvej Lee Ørnstrand, Head of Marketing & Culture at PNO