Why PNO?

We have the Nordic’s largest standard and specialty trailer fleet for short and long-term rental. Whatever you need, you’ll find it at PNO.

Flexible rental

Why own trailers you don’t use, when you can rent instead?

From short-term to long-term, we give you the freedom to scale your fleet as your needs change, without large any upfront payments or having unused, under-utilised trailers.

Fast response

Business moves fast. And the last thing you want is to wait weeks for your rental partner to provide you with a quote.

That is why our flat business structure has been designed to be fast-moving and agile. It’s all about acting quickly so you can get what you need fast, and get on with business.

Leading innovation

The logistics industry is changing. You want a rental partner who is changing with it.

PNO Ventures is our in-house innovation hub dedicated to developing new ways to add value to customers. With one eye on the future, we are always looking for new ways to create greater efficiency and a better experience for our customers.

Personal service

As a family-owned and run business, we pride ourselves on providing a personal touch.

That’s why at PNO, every customer gets their own dedicated account manager, as well as the added support of a skilled and experienced team.


Sustainability is here to stay. And with increasing regulation and compliance pressure, you must be ready for the transition to sustainable freight.

With a deep commitment to sustainability, PNO is at the forefront of that transition. Get the sustainable edge for your business with PNO.
Read our 2020 Impact Overview.

PNO ventures

PNO Ventures is our in-house innovation hub. We blend operational expertise with an agile startup methodology. We use technology to solve key customer problems.

Fleet Platform

The PNO Fleet Platform is designed to make fleet management more efficient and effective.

Using the platform, customers can:

– View PNO trailer details and contract

– Add external trailers

– Manage damages and repairs

– Track trailer activity and conditions

Driver App

The Driver App is designed to make trailer pick up and drop off easier. Logging and reporting of any damages, all in one convenient app.

Using the app, drivers can:

– Pickup/drop-off trailers with their haulier ID

– Fast trailer inspection with checklist and pictures

– View existing damages and report new ones

The New Cool Reefer

A sustainable edge in the industry

Developed in a close partnership with Per Nelson Ørnstrand (founder of PNO), Twan Heetkamp (THT), and collaborating with suppliers Valx and Carrier, the New Cool represents a step forward in sustainability.

Unlike other reefer trailers, which depend on diesel to power the cooling system, the New Cool reefer is powered by a special Valx axle, which produces energy while braking.

No diesel fuel usage, no noise pollution, and no CO2 emissions. With an increasing number of European cities introducing CO2 regulations in urban zones, the New Cool reefer is leading the way in sustainable reefer freight.