PNO is the Nordic region’s leading leaser of trailers, with a fleet of more than 10,000 trailers. Our head office is in Copenhagen, and we have branches in Helsinki, Oslo, Helsingborg in Sweden, Horsens in Denmark and Venlo in the Netherlands.

We are a family-owned company based on responsibility and common sense. It’s been that way since 1975, when Per Nelson Ørnstrand (PNO) founded the company. The next generation of the Ørnstrand has now taken over, and today Jacob Lee Ørnstrand is the head of the company. Just like his father, Jacob believes in long-term customer relationships based on trust. He focuses on taking responsibility as a company – not only in relation to its customers, but also towards the environment and the company’s employees. To that end, PNO has launched new digital learning initiatives that make the company work smarter to the advantage of everyone.

Relationships mean that we never cut off a customer at the moment a crisis hits. On the contrary, we feel we have a responsibility to stand by our customers during a crisis, and we have done it many times without blinking. For us it’s common sense that there is a need for flexibility and understanding in this type of situation.

Pragmatism as an approach permeates our organization. We see it as a virtue to make it simple, flexible, and understandable to be a customer at PNO. That’s why we operate under the mantra “one contact, one contract.”

Digitalization is something we see positively. We are enthusiastic about digital opportunities, and in order to improve future growth for our customers and ourselves, we develop and invest in new digital solutions. Digitalization brings new possibilities that simply put us in the position to work smarter and more responsibly.

For the same reason, we are the only company in our industry integrated with digital learning on an everyday basis. That gives our employees an overview and the extra energy to navigate and offer advice about the new products and services that are constantly being developed and affecting our society at the moment.

Responsibility drives us every day to look for the type of solution that can support and develop our customers’ businesses in a smarter and more responsible direction.

We are committed to delivering ambitious growth by offering the most sustainable solutions to our customers. Our purpose is to lead the transition to sustainable freight. We think and act according to People, Planet and Profit, which is part of every business interactions taken at PNO.

Jacob Lee Ørnstrand, Group CEO.


Trailer manufacturers
Our trailer rental solutions are based on the most versatile trailer portfolio in the industry. We offer high quality products from well-known and recognized manufacturers such as Bernard Krone, Schmitz Cargobull, Ekeri, Kraker and STAS.

PNO is a partner with some of the most renowned finance companies. This includes  Danske Bank, Nordea Bank, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken and Pohjola Bank. Our partners are an important part of how we acquire trailer equipment in markets where we provide rental solutions to our customers.

Carbon offsetting
We have partnered with WeForest to minimize the our environmental impact. This includes carbon offsetting all business flights through forest restoration projects.
The amount of tress planted by PNO can be tracked here.