Our story

We are a family-owned company based on responsibility and common sense. It’s been that way since 1975 when Per Nelson Ørnstrand (PNO) founded the company. The next generation of the Ørnstrand has now taken over, and today PNO is fully family owned by Lee Ørnstrand.

Just like his father, Jacob believes in long-term customer relationships based on trust, and the importance of taking responsibility as a company – not only in relation to our customers, but also towards the environment and our employees.

PNO has the Nordics’ largest range of short and long-term trailer rentals. Our head office is located in Copenhagen, and we have branches in Helsinki, Oslo, Hamburg, Helsingborg, Horsens, Venlo and Poland. 

But as we grow, we’ve never lost touch with the values on which our company has been founded.

The leadership

A hello from PNO’s leadership team. Meet CEO Jacob, CIO Solvej, CCO Pauli, COO Ask and CPTO Jonas.

Why PNO?

We have the Nordic’s largest standard and specialty trailer fleet for short and long-term rental. Whatever you need, you’ll find it at PNO.

Flexible rental

Why own trailers you don’t use, when you can rent instead?

From short-term to long-term, we give you the freedom to scale your fleet as your needs change, without large any upfront payments or having unused, under-utilised trailers.

Fast response

Business moves fast. And the last thing you want is to wait weeks for your rental partner to provide you with a quote.

That is why our flat business structure has been designed to be fast-moving and agile. It’s all about acting quickly so you can get what you need fast, and get on with business.

Leading innovation

The logistics industry is changing. You want a rental partner who is changing with it.

PNO Ventures is our in-house innovation hub dedicated to developing new ways to add value to customers. With one eye on the future, we are always looking for new ways to create greater efficiency and a better experience for our customers.

Personal service

As a family-owned and run business, we pride ourselves on providing a personal touch.

That’s why at PNO, every customer gets their own dedicated account manager, as well as the added support of a skilled and experienced team.


Sustainability is here to stay. And with increasing regulation and compliance pressure, you must be ready for the transition to sustainable freight.

With a deep commitment to sustainability, PNO is at the forefront of that transition. Get the sustainable edge for your business with PNO.
Find our annual Impact Overview here.

Our values

The PNO Compass is the embodiment of how we do business.
Anchored in our core values, it shapes our strategic direction and our day to day actions.

1. Personal

it’s all about people

We believe business is personal. The more present and open-minded we are in all our interactions, the better the outcomes for everyone involved.

2. Pragmatic

the key to getting things done

We believe simplicity and common sense leads to results. Instead of focusing on problems, we look beyond them to find pragmatic solutions.

3. Responsible

People, Planet & Profit

We believe the best companies are responsible companies. We are focused on being best for the World instead of best in the World.

“We are a company that is fuelled by a purpose. Our goal is to contribute to society, our employees and the world around us. B Corp gives us a framework to measure our progress.”

Solvej Lee Ørnstrand, Chief Impact Officer

Our partners

PNO is a collaborative organisation, and we’re proud to partner with a range of leading trailer manufacturers, banks and environmental organizations.

PNO is a proud member of


We are working on specific initiatives to reduce our environmental impact and these partners are part of these.


At PNO it is all about People, who strive to work, live and interact by understanding our values. We collaborate with partners for training and recruitment who share our values and People, Planet and Profit approach.


For PNO, it’s essential to collaborate with like-minded suppliers that have similar values and care about the planet. We strive to use suppliers who also are a part of the B Corp community.

Trailer manufacturers

Our trailer rental solutions are based on the most versatile trailer portfolio in the industry. We offer high quality products from well-known and recognized manufacturers.


PNO is a partner with established finance companies. This includes Nordea Bank, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken and Pohjola Bank. Our partners are an important part of how we acquire trailer equipment in markets where we provide rental solutions to our customers.

Meet our team

Jacob Lee Ørnstrand

Group CEO

Solvej Lee Ørnstrand

Group CIO

Ask Holme

Group COO

Pauli Johannesen

Group CCO

Jonas Vang

Group CPTO

Stig Pastwa

Group Senior Finance Advisor


Jonas von Freiesleben

Head of Impact

Ibrahim Ces

Recruitment Coordinator

Nila Amado

Marketing Specialist


Rikke Bylod

ComEx Manager


André Palma

Head of Operational Development

Jan Bo Eriksen

Head of Service

Jonas Ilsø Christensen

Strategy Lead

Antonella Di Stazio

Procurement Specialist

Svetlana Stein

Fleet Manager

Edvard Mjåtved

Operations Student


Niels Vestergaard Pedersen

Head of Divestment

Allan Øbro Mouritsen

Divestment Sales


Martin Vestergaard Nielsen

Head of Accounting

Brian Brix Pedersen

Head of Business Finance & Treasury

Tanja Kristiansen

Head of Process Optimization

Christian Schulz

Senior Business Controller

Anders Toft Villars

Business Controller

Birgit Holm

Senior Accountant

Sandra Carboniero

Senior Accountant

Christian Vegger

Financial Controller

Lukasz Szwiec


Minakshi Agrawal

Pricing Manager

Niklavs Selevics

Data Analyst

Birgit Nielsen

AP Accountant

Sterre Hart Schriemer 

Student Assistant

Martin Emil Banke

Student Assistant

Kristoffer Emil Vølund Stahl

Student Assistant

Magnus Frydenlund

Student Assistant

Oskar Matthias Frank

Student Assistant


Natalie Vainer Benaiah

Product Manager

Ana Batel

Frontend Developer

Simon Zimmermann

Backend Engineering Lead

Ramin Zare

Backend Developer

Magnus Johannesson

Backend Developer

Nicolai Willems

Backend Developer

Kristian Mohr Nielsen

Backend Developer

Mathias Ingemann Mortensen

Senior Frontend Developer


Office dog


Meet our Board

Jacob Lee Ørnstrand

Group CEO and Owner

Gajen Kandiah

Chairman of the Board

Ibrahim Gokcen

Member of the Board

High Employee Satisfaction

PNO cares about people, and we aim to have high employee satisfaction. eNPS stands for Employee Net Promoter Score, and it’s a benchmark that measures how likely employees are to recommend PNO as a workplace to friends.

OUR eNPS: 73


Driven by impact. Driven by responsibility. Driven by people.

All you need to know about PNO: We’re inspired by impact and responsibility – for our people, the planet, and our customers. As a family-owned business, we’re focused on building for the long term. That’s why we need you. Because making a positive impact happens as a team. Join our team of 90+ impact makers at PNO.


A family-owned business founded in 1975. It’s about building PNO for the next many generations to come.


We always listen to our customers and put them first when it comes to building solutions.


It’s about getting things done by focusing on solutions rather than problems. Progress is more important than perfection.


We walk the talk and do what we say we’ll do. It’s about empowering each other and doing the right thing.


We know that people do their best work when they know we’ve got their backs. It’s about being present and building a healthy organization where people can thrive.


We encourage everyone to venture beyond. It’s about making change and being open-minded.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Everyone is welcome, accepted, and considered. It’s about being open and taking active efforts to learn about our blind spots. A diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace are fundamental to us.

Want to learn more about who we are? Take a look at our Culture Book here.

We are a responsible company – ethical and compliant business conduct are very important to us. To ensure this, we have a Whisteblower Policy and System in place. Find it here.

Want to make an impact with us?

PNO is committed to providing employees with a work environment free of discrimination. We are committed to working with people of every race, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin, and status as an individual with a disability.