Our story

We are a family-owned company based on responsibility and common sense. It’s been that way since 1975 when Per Nelson Ørnstrand (PNO) founded the company. The next generation of the Ørnstrand has now taken over, and today PNO is fully family owned by Lee Ørnstrand.

Just like his father, Jacob believes in long-term customer relationships based on trust, and the importance of taking responsibility as a company – not only in relation to our customers, but also towards the environment and our employees.

Based out of our head office in Copenhagen, and with branches in Helsinki, Oslo, Helsingborg in Sweden, Horsens in Denmark and Venlo in Holland, we have the Nordics’ largest range of short and long-term trailer rentals.

But as we grow, we have never lost touch with the values on which our company has been founded.

Our values

The PNO Compas is the embodiment of how we do business.
Anchored in our core values, it shapes our strategic direction and our day to day actions.

1. Personal

it’s all about people

We believe business is personal. The more present and open-minded we are in all our interactions, the better the outcomes for everyone involved.

2. Pragmatic

the key to getting things done

We believe simplicity and common sense leads to results. Instead of focusing on problems, we look beyond them to find pragmatic solutions.

3. Responsible

People, Planet & Profit

We believe the best companies are responsible companies. We are focused on being best for the World instead of best in the World.

“We are a company that is fuelled by a purpose. Our goal is to contribute to society, our employees and the world around us. B Corp gives us a framework to measure our progress.”

Solvej Lee Ørnstrand, Head of Culture & Communication

We are a Certified B Corporation

B Corporation certification is only awarded to companies who meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

We are the region’s only B Corp of semi-trailers rental, and the only one in our field of business.

Being a B Corp is a clear step toward fulfilling our purpose – to lead the transition to sustainable freight via People, Planet and Profit.

Read more about B Corp here.

Toward a Sustainable Future

As time goes on, more and more customers and employees will want to work with companies that have a measurable, sustainable profile – companies that do more than just talk about sustainability, but companies that take action.

Our purpose is to lead the transition to sustainable freight, and we strongly believe that PNO can be a key driver of change in the logistics industry.

Follow our Journey

We believe sustainable actions are not an option, but a responsibility, and we work to achieve a more sustainable future every day.

Impact overview

How and what are we actually doing to improve our impact?
Read our Impact Overview to understand the actions taken and the consequences of these.

Tracking our footprint

We monitor the energy consumption and number of printouts at our local offices, and calculate the CO2 emissions of our transport activities. It’s all about reducing our environmental impact.

Carbon offsetting

To minimize our environmental impact, we have partnered with WeForest. Thanks to this partnership, we offset all unavoidable business flights through forest restoration projects. You can track the amount of trees planted by PNO here.

Local community volunteering

Each year, every local PNO office spends a total of two full working days on projects aimed to improve the social and environmental conditions of the local society. Everything from removing waste, to preserving natural spaces or assisting in logistics, PNO is committed to contributing to local communities. Find out more here.

Our partners

PNO is a collaborative organisation, and we’re proud to partner with a range of leading trailer manufacturers, banks and environmental organizations.

PNO is a proud member of


We have partnered with WeForest to minimize our environmental impact. This includes carbon offsetting all business flights through forest restoration projects.


At PNO it is all about People, who strive to work, live and interact by understanding our values. We collaborate with partners for training and recruitment who share our values and People, Planet and Profit approach.

Trailer manufacturers

Our trailer rental solutions are based on the most versatile trailer portfolio in the industry. We offer high quality products from well-known and recognized manufacturers.


PNO is a partner with established finance companies. This includes Danske Bank, Nordea Bank, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken and Pohjola Bank. Our partners are an important part of how we acquire trailer equipment in markets where we provide rental solutions to our customers.

Meet our team

Jacob Lee Ørnstrand

Group CEO
+45 23 63 65 65

Thomas Rimington

Group CFO

Pauli Johannesen

Group CCO

People, Communication and Sustainability

Solvej Lee Ørnstrand

People, Communication and Sustainability

Rikke Bylod

Marketing Coordinator

Marta Gay

Marketing & Research Assistant


Lasse Stær Hoffmeyer

Head of Commercial Excellence


Tim van der Roest

Head of Fleet

Svetlana Stein

Trailer Procurement Coordinator


Niels Vestergaard Pedersen

Head of Divestment

Allan Øbro Mouritsen

Divestment Sales


Brian Brix Pedersen

Head of Finance

Birgit Holm

Senior Accountant

Christina Bidstrup


Najmi Rafiq

IT Consultant


Björn Jacobsen

Head of Ventures

Klaus Jørgensen

Head of Technology

Christoffer Bo Petersen


Simon Zimmermann


Anton Davidsen


Join our team

PNO is all about People – people who strive to work and live by our values.


It is about people


Walk the talk


A key to getting things done


People, Planet and Profit


See, listen and ask


Keep an open mind

If your values are aligned with ours, and you feel you’d be a good fit for PNO, don’t hesitate to get in touch.