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We believe sustainable actions are not an option, but a responsibility, and we work to achieve a more sustainable future every day.

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“We are a company that is fuelled by a purpose.
Our goal is to contribute to society, our employees and the world around us. B Corp gives us a framework to measure our progress.”

Solvej Lee Ørnstrand, Head of Culture & Communication

Volunteering in the local community

Each year, every local PNO office spends a total of two full working days on projects aimed to improve the social and environmental conditions of the local society.

630 HOURS 

Have been used by our PNO team to support local community projects in 2019.

Team Sweden

Cleaning up the local area

The PNO office and workshop in Helsingborg established the project “Operation Green Friday” in November 2018. 21 PNO employees spend their day collecting trash in the local area to improve the conditions for wildlife and local citizens. A total of 240 kg trash was collected during the work day.

The project was the first of PNO’s Local Community Days.

Assisting Erikshjälpen

PNO Office & Workshop in Helsingborg have taken over the second-hand shop Erikshjälpen two times during 2019 to support the organization.
Every day Erikshjälpen sorts over 3000 items – furniture, clothes, shoes, toys, books, kitchenware, fabrics etc. Donated goods is sold at the shop to generate funds for social and humanitarian efforts. Approximately 6 million SEK is donated yearly though the NGO. Through initiatives for education, health, safety and protection, they give children and young people around the world help and the opportunity to dare to dream about the future.

Supporting the Red Cross in textiles’ recycling

In July 2020, our Swedish team had its first volunteering day of the year – which was postponed due to Covid-19. The mission was to help the Red Cross loading 1200 sacks of textiles in a truck, which is now on its way to TEXAID in Germany for recycling.

Some of the clothes are trying to be resold, while garment that is either broken or too dirty recycles to cleaning rags, isolation material etc.
The overall goal is zero waste.

Our Swedish team’s mission this Monday was to load textiles that could not be sold. According to the Red Cross, PNO SE set a new record in loading time and loaded highest weight of textiles (13,200 kilos) in the truck.

Team Finland

Collaboration with Sipoo Municipality

PNO Finland has from the beginning teamed up with the Municipality of Sipoo to ensure that their efforts were placed where they mattered the most in the local community. So far, two working days have been used on projects focusing on cleaning up natural sites. In the spring 10 employees spent their working day on collecting construction waste from the backyard of an old hardware store and afterward sort the materials for recycling. In the fall they cleaned up a non-authorised junkyard used for organic waste in the residential area of Söderkulla.

Team Norway

Keeping the streets safe at night

PNO Norway decided to support Natteravnene, a voluntary organization whose goal is to create security, well-being and connection in Oslo, as well as ensuring a safe local environment – especially for children and young people. By joining the Natteravnene, the four team members of PNO Norway could help drunk people find their way home, assist the police in tackling fights, and remove bottles and trash from the streets of Oslo.

Team Denmark

Maintaining historic tumulus in Horsens

Team PNO Denmark supported the Municipality of Horsens in preserving historical burial mounds (gravhøje) located in Underup. Our Danish team spent a day cleaning up the mounds from invasive plant species, useful to preserve both the area’s cultural history and nature.

Team Group

Nature preservation in Copenhagen’s urban area

PNO Group Office spent the day helping the keepers of Sydhavnstippen in southern Copenhagen to remove invasive plant species that threaten the original flora and fauna of the urban natural area. The initiative also turned into a great opportunity to learn about the history and purposes of the area, and of its four-legged inhabitants, while creating better user access for the local community

Team Netherlands

Supporting the local youth community

In the Netherlands, our local team supported the local scout organisation Jong Nederland Melderslo by transporting their gear for their two annual camps. PNO took care of the transport of all the tools and luggage necessary to run 3 days trail-camp in Baarlo, about 10 kilometers from Venlo. With the help of Trucksupport Venlo, which provided the truck, all the items were packed, carried to the campsite on a PNO trailer, and brought back at the end of the events.


9,547 TREES

Have been planted by PNO since 2018, when we partnered with WeForest. Trees have been planted to offset our unavoidable business flights and electricity consumption, as well as gifts for customers and employees.

PNO is proud to be a partner of WeForest. We think and act based on People, Planet & Profit in all our interactions, so taking concrete sustainable actions is key for us.

Jacob Lee Ørnstrand, Group CEO & Owner


124.173 KWH 

The amount of electricity produced by our solar panels in Finland and Sweden during 2019. Solar panels will further be installed at our offices in the Netherlands and Denmark during 2020.
When production of Solar energy is not possible, use of other sources of renewable energies – such as wind. 



We monitor our consumption of paper, water, electricity and heat at all our offices and workshop. Each month the consumption is noted in our Green Sheet, which we use to set reduction targets and track developments.



In 2019 we introduced a new car policy to reduce our environmental impact from vehicle transport.


48.048 KG. CO2 

The annual amount of CO2 saved due to our solar panel installments on 162 of 859 reefer trailers in our fleet.



 For two weeks our Swedish Team took part to the Hälsobingo (Health bingo).  The competitors were given a sheet with a total of 25 boxes, each containing a different challenge – e.g.  vegetarian work week, 20 minutes of meditation, yoga at the office, bike/walk to work and more.


PNO Team Sweden supports Musikhjälpen, a Swedish show which runs every December to support a cause.


For our Danish Team moving to new location in Horsens also meant the need of new office furniture. The challenge was solved by buying used, but very high quality, furniture at an auction.

Our partners

PNO has teamed up with local and global organizations to ensure that our efforts within sustainability are put to work where it matters the most.

We are a Certified B Corporation

B Corporation certification is only awarded to companies who meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

We are the region’s only B Corp of semi-trailers rental, and the only one in our field of business.

Being a B Corp is a clear step toward fulfilling our purpose – to lead the transition to sustainable freight via People, Planet and Profit.

Read more about B Corp here.