Even ravens wish to be a part of PNO Finland

PNO Finland
Petteri Heino

Petteri Heino,  Country Director in Finland

How it all began

In 2003, PNO’s office in Finland was in the Eastern part of Helsinki, sharing a former shipyard area with other trailer rental companies, but the Finnish team needed more space. There was a forest area outside Helsinki that PNO invested in – and this is where PNO built the new office.

Two years after PNO invested in the area, we made the first MOT (all trailers should have an annual MOT check to ensure that they’re roadworthy). Since then, the office has been expanding several times, and today, the total area is 2000 sqm, and the parking yard itself is 15 hectares.

Wild animals and tame ravens

The team used to see moose and foxes from the office. Today the area is industrialised, but they can still find a snake in the workshops once in a while. Most wild animals are not living in the area anymore, but the employees in PNO Finland still have a couple of wild newcomers joining. A couple of ravens just really want to be a part of PNO Finland – so much that they are now almost tame.


“In the beginning, the ravens just wanted food when we went to our cars. We started feeding them, and now they’re so tame that they can eat from the hand.” – Petteri


A tightly-knit team with traditions

We’re ten people in the office and ten in the workshop. We’re a very close team where most of us have worked together for years. My colleagues are the best thing about being a part of PNO Finland. I’m enjoying and appreciate working with such high-level specialists who professionally solve the tasks.


Do you have any office traditions? 

We have quite a few office traditions concentrating around cake, for example, on the 5th of February, we celebrate Johan Ludvig Runebergs birthday. He’s considered a national poet of Finland from the 18th century, and he’s the author of the lyrics to Vårt Land, which became the unofficial Finnish national anthem. So on the 5th, we eat Runeberg cake.

You can read more about PNO Finland and the team here.

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