PNO Local Community Days 2021

PNO helping mothers aid

For PNO, being a proud B Corp also means that each year, every local PNO office spends a total of two full working days on projects aimed to improve the social and environmental conditions of the local society. Everything from removing waste, to preserving natural spaces or assisting in logistics, PNO is committed to contributing to local communities. Find out more here.

This year PNO Group and PNO Denmark chose to help Mothers’ Aid (Mødrehjælpen), Heart & Soul in Horsens and Sydhavnstippen. PNO Sweden spent the day at Erikshjälpen and PNO Finland helped clean the children’s playground with Sipoo municipality. 

PNO Group – Mothers’ Aid (Mødrehjælpen) and Sydhavnstippen

In November, the team in Copenhagen spent the day helping out Mothers’ Aid as a part of our commitment to local communities and the planet. Mothers’ Aid’s most important task is to empower parents in their efforts to create a good, safe and caring environment for their children. Mothers’ Aid is focused on improving children’s conditions in their upbringing. Their help is given through nationwide counselling and social activities in many local communities around Denmark.

PNO helping Mothers aid
Earlier in 2021, PNO Group visited Sydhavnstippen a unique nature area in Copenhagen. The team continued to work with nature conservation. We removed “caw parsnip” (bjørneklo) by the roots, established a trail for the animals, removed invasive Japanese Knotweed by its roots to keep it from overtaking the area. Finally, the grass was cut to make space for new plant seeds in the ground.

PNO helping at Sydhavnstippen


PNO Denmark – Heart & Soul in Horsens

PNO Denmark spent the day packing products at Heart & Soul. Heart & Soul’s profit goes to support socially vulnerable children in Horsens. The money supports the children at their Birthday and confirmation with shoes and clothes. They also provide help for Christmas Gifts to make sure more children can celebrate Christmas.

PNO helping Heart & Soul

PNO Sweden – Supporting the Children’s Rights Organisation Erikshjälpen 

PNO Sweden spent the day with Erikshjälpen. A Children’s Rights Organisation with a non-profit second-hand business. The team helped sort the donated gifts, wash kitchen utensils and place the goods in the store for sale. 

PNO sorting goods at Erikshjälpen

PNO Finland – Cleaning Children’s Playground 

PNO Finland spent the day helping Sipoo municipality, to clean the children’s playground area. They helped cut bushes around the playground and the team removed the grass from the children’s sandbox. Finally, fresh and nutritious topsoil was added to make sure the trees continued strong and healthy growth.

PNO helping Sipoo

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